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Christmas Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

A few days more for CHRISTMAS, and you are still searching for an excellent COOKIE recipe to make everyone happy with your delicious food? Then try this fantastic chocolate chip COOKIE recipe. I’m so...

desiccated coconut snowballs recipe with condensed milk

Coconut Snowballs Recipe with Condensed Milk

Desiccated Coconut Snowballs Recipe with Condensed Milk

Fried Bun Fish tuna Burger

Sri Lankan Style Easy TUNA Airbun Recipe

Hello there, Today I have come up with one of my all-time favorite bun recipe, which is very soft and fluffy. Our easy Airbun recipe is perfect for dinner or for tea times. Basically...

Easy Cinnamon French toast

Easy Homemade Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

Let’s see How easy to make French Toast at Home Hi Guys, I’d like to share a simple breakfast recipe, also suitable for your child’s lunchbox, to enjoy the break-time at school. Trust me,...

Homemade Crispy Hash Brown Recipe

HomeMade Delicious Crispy Hash Browns Recipe

Hello everyone today we will see how to make restaurant style crispy HASH BROWNS at home. HASH BROWNS are one of the classic recipes which would taste amazing and look impressive and also we...

yogurt pudding recipe

Yogurt Jelly Pudding Recipe

Hello everyone, today I have come up with a dessert recipe, since we couldn’t share any dessert recipes for a long time.I have decided to tell you guys how to make a very simple...

Mushroom Crispy Fry Recipe

Sri Lankan Crispy Mushroom Fry Recipe

Today I have come up with a very easy yet very tasty MUSHROOM FRY recipe. It is easy to make at the same time it would taste amazing. This crispy MUSHROOM FRY is suitable...

Garlic Chicken Fry Recipe

Garlic Chicken Fry Recipe

Hello everyone, after a short break once again I have come up with a delicious chicken recipe specially for the chicken lovers out there. This garlic chicken fry recipe gives a great delight to...

sri lankan onion tomato recipe

Sri lankan Onion Tomato Raita recipe

Today I have come up with one of my favorite recipes which I enjoy eating since childhood. ONION AND TOMATO RAITA. This is, of course, a healthy and easy to make the recipe with...

sri lankan egg roast biryani

Sri Lankan Egg Roast Biryani Recipe

What would you do if you don’t feel like eating the same food and if you are craving some delicious BIRYANI…? Yet you don’t have any chicken or Beef at home. Don’t worry, you...