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Sidebar / Community Lists Updated

Sidebar / Community Lists Updated

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We’ve updated and added in the community lists from the old.reddit sidebar into the [food]( redesign. These are now visible in the official apps as well!

Unfortunately the redesign [limits you to 10 communities]( so I’ve cleaned out any unmoderated/dead/suspended subs. If you find an unmodderated/suspended or dead food sub and have an interest in it please user /r/redditrequest and bring it back to life!

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find my foodie
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[homemade] cajun seared salmon & shrimp with adobo & jalepeño jam glaze with wild rice, stewed black beans, pico de gallo, & avocado mousse

[Homemade] Cajun Seared Salmon & Shrimp with Adobo & Jalepeño Jam Glaze with Wild Rice, Stewed Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, & Avocado Mousse