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Mississippi Roast too spicy. 2.5 hrs left, any tips?

Mississippi Roast too spicy. 2.5 hrs left, any tips?

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to the slowcooking, got it a few months ago and made a few different dishes. All turned out really good, but i think I screwed this one. I have a bit over 2 hrs left so I’m hoping I can salvage this.

I like spicy food but I’m having a mild allergic reaction if the dish is too spicy. I just tasted the broth and it’s too much for me.

2.5 lbs beef chuck roast
1/2 packet Au Jus Gravy
1/2 packet Ranch Seasoning mix
1/4 stick of butter
1/2 lb baby carrots
8 Pepperocinis
1/2 jar Pepperocini juice

Never had Pepperocinis before and based on the comments on one of the threads I assumed they were pretty mild. I should have tasted them. I added the juice so it the roast wouldn’t sit dry.

I read that I could tone it down with salt, dairy or sugar. Salt is probably out of the question as the broth is salty enough. So I’m left with sour cream/coconut milk or sugar/honey. I like the idea of sour cream because it would make it creamier.

Anyone has an experience with adding sour cream to roast. Will it help with the meat or just the broth?

Removed ~70% of the liquid and replaced it with 1/2 packet of Au Jus and hot water to return to the previous level. The liquid still had a hint of Pepperocinis but much better. The meat was perfect, it picked up the Pepperocini flavor and acidicity. Originally planned to serve it over the bed of mashed potatoes but due to delays I had to resort to buns and provolone. It was delicious and added to my favorites.

[Final results](

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