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I made this last night. Wasn’t what I was hoping it was. Recommend something else to try

I made this last night. Wasn’t what I was hoping it was. Recommend something else to try

I made this recipe last night: [](


The flavors were ok, but very flat. Do you have any recipes that would be similar, but much spicier/sweeter/brighter?


Also, while the carrots were divine, the sweet potatoes were total mush. There’s probably no way to avoid that without maybe cooking them separately and mixing them in…right?


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  1. I would recommend a little more acid at the end, too, like maybe a little more orange juice if you keep it around, or lemon/lime juice if you don’t. A little heat would help, too; maybe a little cayenne/powdered red pepper/ancho chili powder to taste (not more chili powder; you don’t want all those ingredients diluting the heat). Of course, just because the recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of sugar doesn’t mean you can’t put in 3 if you want it sweeter. There’s no chemical reaction here to manage like there is for baking or fermentation.

    As for the sweet potatoes, you could put them in at a different time in the cooking. You’d want to look up how long sweet potatoes take in a slow cooker, but let’s say they would take three hours on high on their own. Start the dish and then two hours after you put in all the other ingredients, toss in the potatoes. No need to cook separately imho.

  2. A splash of Balsamic vinegar will help. Also, long cooking often dulls the flavor of subtle spices, so you may want to boost the gravy with another dash or two of the missing flavor, just before serving.

    Add your sweet potatoes an hour or two into the cook if you want them to have some firmness left.


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