[Homemade] Roast duck with orange Balsamic glaze

[Homemade] Roast duck with orange Balsamic glaze


[Homemade] Roast duck with orange Balsamic glaze

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  1. For the duck:

    This is a 6-pound duck. I set the neck aside in a freezer bag for stock later, then I stuffed the inside with orange wedges, onion wedges, and thyme and secured the legs with twine. I scored the skin with a small sharp knife in a diamond pattern (this is the only tricky step, because you want to score the fat without cutting into the meat so just proceed carefully). I covered it with a generous amount of Kosher salt and let it sit in the fridge on the rack and tray for about an hour. Then I used a clean towel to pat the surface as completely dry as possible and finished seasoning it with black pepper and ground coriander.

    In a 375F oven I started it breast side down and cooked it for 40 minutes, then flipped it and poured off some of the fat for the potatoes I was making to go with the duck, then finished it breast side up for about another hour (I wasn’t rigid with the time, I cooked it until the thigh was solidly at 165F).

    For the glaze:

    2 ounces of good Balsamic vinegar

    3 ounces of honey

    a generous teaspoon of Dijon mustard

    the juice and zest of one orange

    the juice and zest of one lemon

    Mix it all together and heat gently until the glaze thickens a bit and reduces. Brush it all over the duck about 30 minutes before it’s done cooking, giving it a second coat just a few minutes before you take it out.

    Let the duck rest thoroughly and then slice and enjoy! I served mine with roasted potatoes and braised cabbage:

    NOTE: an alternative method that I’ve used before is to prick the skin all over with a skewer and then dip it in boiling water/pour boiling water over it. It helps give you crispy skin. If you don’t want to do the fat-scoring thing, I recommend trying the water method. You can also par-boil it and then finish it in the oven, which is what Ina Garten does and while it’s more work it does yield a good result.


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