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Hey, how would you convert this to a slow cooker?

Hey, how would you convert this to a slow cooker?

The lamb recipe in this link. I reckon I could do all the steps, but then whack it in the slow cooker for 10hrs on low instead of the oven, putting the coconut milk and stuff in with an hour to go, and be roses. Anyone see any potential flaws in my plan? I’m considering the slow cooker, cos I don’t think I have a saucepan big enough for this.

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  1. Since you’ll be missing the browning step, you might consider giving the lamb a sear on all sides for some maillard effect before putting into the slow cooker (make sure to deglaze your pan with some of the liquid to get all the tasty bits) and reduce the amount of stock used since it won’t be boiling off as much.

    Edit: looking at the recipe again, I’d include the onions in that deglazing step.


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