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Did I ruin my slow cooker by scraping too hard?

Did I ruin my slow cooker by scraping too hard?

Pic here too, though I don’t know about the formatting:

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(I know there’s a lot of gunk still to clean, but I’m talking specifically about the white-colored marks in the corner)

Something was up with the cooking and we had a really tough layer of food crust stuck at the bottom of the pot. After several attempts, I just tried scraping underneath the gunk with a spoon. Some of it came off, but then I noticed the scratch marks and now I’m wondering if too much came off?

Have I ruined any of its cooking properties? Is there something about the black material that allows it to function properly? Or, am I just overthinking this and I should just continue to use it?

Thanks all!

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  1. What happened you forget about it and leav it on until it dried out and baked on? It’s already beat to shit and hard to tell if that’s exposed ceramic or leftover gunk. It’s wasteful, but you can get crockpot liners at the grocery store to save you time in scraping gunk if it is exposed ceramic. I’d just get a new one and use liners until then. If you’re stuck on a vintage Mades get a wall timer to plug the crockpot into to avoid this in the future. Also you shouldn’t have to scrape a pot with anything more than a plastic scrubber if you let it soak overnight with water and dish soap



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