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Basic cutting techniques EVERY Chef should know

The most important thing yet most people don’t bother much in cuisine is cutting the ingredients in standard ways.

It is an art. Cutting in different styles makes huge impact to the dish. At the same time the way we cut the ingredients given an impact on the beauty and taste of the particular dish.


Why Proper Cuts are Important

Protects the nutritional value of food

Helps to identify the particular food

It makes easy to cook the food

Prevent the color of the food

Add beauty to the dish

Easy to intake and etc.

There are two main parts on earth we intake as food. One is the things we get from plants, trees or creepers and another thing is what we get from animals. When cooking these things, we should always be concerned about the nutritional values it possesses, we should cook in a way where we don’t harm the nutritional value of the food. The style of cutting food plays an important role in maintaining its nutritional values.

Chiffonade vegetables
Chiffonade vegetables

The different Type of Vegetable Cutting Styles


Cutting a particular fruit or vegetable into two

Cutting those two pieces into four

Cutting into 16 pieces


Cutting like fingers

Cutting as cubes (large/medium /small)

Cutting in slanted ways

Cutting into long strips.


These are some modern  food cutting techniques


Breaking into pieces

Tearing into fine pieces

Using a mortar and pestle

Using a stone to make it into pieces

Scraping etc.


These are included in the standard cutting style.

The way we cut certain vegetables should give us an idea of how we are going to cook that particular vegetable, and also the way we cut certain raw material will determine the cooking time and also the spices we add-in.


Types of vegetable cuts
Types of food cuts

8 Basic cutting techniques you should know


Julienne (strips/match stick cut)

Brunoise (small dice)

Macedoine (large dice)

Jardiniere (batons)

Chiffonade (shredding)


Roll cutting



Now let’s see how to implement these techniques


At first cut, the selected vegetable into 4cm long pieces then slice those pieces and again cut those slices into strips


First, cut the selected vegetable into the desired length then slice those into 1/2cm length piece and then make those slices into 1/2cm length strips and finally cut those strips into 1/2cm length cubes.


cut the selected vegetable into 1 1/2cm length pieces then cut those pieces in 3mm length slices and then cut those slices into 3*3*18 mm length batons.


This method is mostly used to cut leafy vegetables. Cut the vegetable into long strips and then cross-cutting them into the desired thickness.


here we cut the food into thin slices and then we can decide the length and thickness of the slices as we need


this is a cutting style we use to cut long cylindrical fruits and vegetables u. This technique will allow you to have attractive pieces.


this is another cutting technique where we cut the length of the vegetable wise into slices then line up the slices and cut them.

Hold the knife in your dominant hand while keeping the palm of the other hand on top of the knife and make fine pieces.

These cutting techniques will make our recipes and our table beautiful as well as increase nutrition value

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