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Adjusting recipe to cook faster?

Adjusting recipe to cook faster?

I know this sounds dumb cause its called slow cooking but what if i wanna adjust it to make it cook faster? Like do i set it on high and half the hours needed to cook?

For example for this recipe:

It says cook the chicken for 5 hrs. What if i want it done in 2 hrs or less?

Edit: ok turns out i dont have a slow cooker. I have the crock pot express which is a pressure cooker!

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  1. I would honestly cook the chicken on a stovetop or in the oven instead. Chicken breasts get dry really easily, and even with pesto and butter in there, I would be hesitant to put them in a crock pot

  2. With a pressure cooker, it’s going to be less than half that time. Just google similar instant pot recipes and see their times. Chicken would be like 15 mins, red meat is around 30-45

  3. You’re gonna love pressure cooking. I think there is “something” to letting out all the air and replacing it with steam before sealing it. Keeps oxygen out.

    If something needs more time, just throw it back on for a few minutes. Some things take longer than you might think.


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